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Energy Conservation

Led Lighting

Led LightingAdvantages of LED Lighting
LED lights are extremely energy efficient. Very cost effective for street lighting & common area lighting such as lift lobbies and corridor where lights are kept on for long periods of time. Very long life 50,000 to 60,000 hrs. thus reducing manpower & replacement costs.

Other Benefits

The other benefits of LEDs include:

  • Lights instantly
  • Can be easily dimmed
  • Silent operation
  • Low-voltage power supply (increased safety)

Linear EAST can supply a complete range of LED Light Fixtures.  Please see the catalog for further details.

Induction Lighting

Induction-lightingInduction Lighting is the latest technology that will revolutionise the lighting for external applications.   Above we can see the clear improvement in the visibility of a tunnel that has had Induction Lighting installed inside it.

Given below are some of the features and advantages of Induction Lighting.

Induction Lighting

Linear EAST can supply a wide range of Induction Lighting Fixtures.

Please contact us with your requirement details.

Green Air Conditioning

 Green Air Conditioning
Cool on your pockets

  • Energy savings upto 60%
  • EER between 25 & 40
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Carbon credit benefits

Cool way to cool air

  • No CFCs involved
  • Zero ozone depletion
  • Helps reduce green house gases
  • Excellent indoor air quality
  • No sick building syndrome

 Cool & safe

  • 100 % fresh air for excellent indoor air quality
  • Clean & filtered air flow – dust free environment
  • Helps dilute viral density in the air – thereby  reduce contagious virus infection, e. g. swine flu