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Fire Fighting Systems

Fire Extinguishers

Fire ExtinguishersLinear EAST can offer the complete range of Fire Extinguishers
We provide all type of industry and user specific portable and trolley mounted fire extinguishers- including water type, Carbon Dioxide type, Dry Powder type and Mechanical foam type fire extinguishers. Our AUTOMATIC FIRE EXTINGUISHERS are the right choice for ensuring safety of warehouses, transformer rooms and server rooms where human beings are not available all the time.

Fire ExtinguishersWe can even offer the latest Potassium Aerosol Type Fire Extinguishers which are extremely light and easy to use and also have a very long shelf life of over 10 years, thus saving in periodic Recharging Costs associated with other more conventional systems.



Fire Fighting and Detection Systems

Fire Fighting and Detection Systems

Linear EAST is also associated with several highly reputed companies who can offer the latest Fire Fighting and Detection Systems at a Project Level.  We provide this service only for larger projects and not for smaller individual offices or homes.  Please contact us with your  project details for us to be able to give you a proposal for your requirements.  We will select our Associate who is best suited for your Project Requirements and size.

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