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Garbage Chutes

Garbage Chutes

Linear EAST can supply some of the most high end Stainless Steel Chute in the industry. The Stainless Steel Trash Chute that we supply in the market is manufactured from 18 Gauge Steel and galvanized steel as well. Our stainless steel chutes are remarkable for their durable construction as they are constructed without using rivets, bolts or other protrusions. The Low Impact Throat Design of these chutes ensures largest clear opening at the intake while reducing the possibility of damage from the impact of falling material to a minimum. They have proper ventilation with control panel attached to it. Further, we are one of the reliable Stainless Steel Rubbish Chute Exporters from India.

Material of Construction : Our chutes are all made from 18 Gauge Stainless Steel however we can supply in other gauge in stainless steel or galvanized steel or in plastics.

Durable Construction : To ensure your chute the longest life available we build only the finest equipment. No rivets, bolts or other protrusions project into the chute riser. All vertical joints are joint using telescopic joints.

Low Impact Throat Design : Our double slope throat design ensures the largest clear opening at the intake while reducing the possibility of damage from the impact of falling material to a minimum.

Advanced Intake Door Design : All doors are double walled and have a clean stainless steel finish. All bottom doors hinge on a steel shaft with friction free bearings. All our doors are auto closing and built field adjustable, allowing easier installation.

Auto Fire Doors : Fire fighting auto closing door held open by fusible link assembly for automatic 0 closing with heat rising above 700 C to protect the structure and occupants above angled discharge in garbage collection room.

Automatic Fire Sprinklers : Sprinklers to be installed at top intake, alternate intakes below and first intake floor or as required Ready for connection by others.

Ventilation : Vent to extend full diameter of same gauge and diameter as chute thru roof to a height of 4 feet with rain cap.

Control Panel : Single phase, powder coated, indicators, push button, hooter for fire alarm.

Trolley : Ready trolley as per local municipal authority's standard. We can also supply special trolleys as per tailor made requirements in stainless steel, HDPE, Mild Steel, Galvanized Iron.


Chute Diameter

Bottom Hinged

Side Hinged Right or Left

380 mm

250 mm W x 300 mm Ht

450 mm

300 mm W x 350 mm Ht

600 mm

375 mm W x 450 mm Ht

400 mm W x 450 mm Ht

Other sizes also available on request.

Please contact us with your Specific Requirements.