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LINEAR Self Rescue Kit

Linear Self Rescue KitThe Linear EAST Self Rescue has been designed specifically for use in Existing Buildings, Offices, Homes, Hotels, or on Refuge Areas of High Rise Buildings not having alternative evacuation means.

The Kit contains the following items :

SAL Self Rescue Controlled Descent System :  This specially designed pulley allows the evacuees to descend from the area of emergency. The pulley is designed to have a controlled descent speed of 1.5 meters/sec  regardless of the weight of the evacuee. The maximum allowable weight is 150 Kgs and the maximum height is 300 meters.  The length of the rope is determined by the floor from which the evacuation is to take place. This has to be informed in advance so that the System can be manufactured accordingly.

Stick Type Fire Extinguishers (2 Nos) – These are extremely light and compact Extinguishers based on Potassium Aerosol Technology and though these Extinguishers weigh only about 300 gms they provide an extinguishing spray of about 19 secs. Which is sufficient to extinguish even fairly large fires.  Thus in case of an emergency  attempts can be made to extinguish the fire using these Stick Extinguishers.

Smoke Masks (2Nos) – These are smoke masks which can protect the user for a period of 30-40 minutes from even highly toxic gases like Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Cyanide. These smoke masks can then be used to either rescue people who are trapped in Smoke Logged areas or ultimately even as a means of escape.

Fire Blankets (2 Nos) – Fire Blankets are made from E-Glass Fibre. This is a material that can resist Flames and temperatures upto 700°C. These can then be used rescue people trapped in places blocked by fire and also if required as a means of evacuation.

Method of Use :

These items are stored in a specially designed box which would be kept at a convenient and accessible location such as a refuge floor (in case of tall buildings) or near suitable windows (in case of individual offices or homes)

In case there is an emergency which requires either fire fighting, rescue or evacuation equipment, then the small glass window on the box may be broken to access the key required to open the box.
The necessary Equipment can then be used for the required purpose.