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With the buildings in recent times becoming taller and taller, Fire Safety, Disaster Management and Building Evacuation are issues which are more important than ever before. Most of the new sky-scrapers coming up have been designed with the latest fire detection and fire fighting systems. However, it is perhaps even more important to have an efficient Evacuation System in place to get all the occupants out of the building and out of harms way incase the situation escalates beyond control. This is a matter which has to be addressed very seriously and the occupants and Property Managers of such tall buildings must also be made aware of the Evacuation System and the procedures for evacuating the building and getting everyone away from the danger.

The problems of handling an emergency situation and evacuating a building get magnified many fold as the building gets taller and taller.

Incase of a fire, the power supply is disconnected immediately, thus not allowing the elevators to be used. This therefore necessitates the use of the staircases. The problems associated with this are as follows

  • Elderly and physically challenged occupants would find it difficult to climb down 30-40 storeys and also take them a long time. Their pace would be slow, causing others behind them to push against them. This might cause them to lose balance and fall, further causing them possibly serious injuries.
  • Incase of people with small children, the kids would have to be carried and coming down from such great heights would definitely be tiring and dangerous.
  • The staircases could get blocked by fire or smoke causing panic and stampedes on the staircase which could endanger the lives of the evacuees.
  • The use of the staircases by the occupants would block or delay the Fire Brigade personnel from reaching the fire, thus causing the fire to escalate.
  • The fire engines might not be able to reach the building incase the building does not have proper access.
  • Presently the ladders and platforms of the fire brigade can go up to a maximum height of 10 – 15 floors. So, in case of high rise buildings, there is a good chance that the ladder might not reach the floor from which the occupants have to be evacuated.

We at Linear EAST have realized the seriousness of this problem and have on offer several products which could provide solutions to each and every one of the problems mentioned above.