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Staircase Evaculation Chair

Staircase Evaculation ChairEvacuation Chairs are lightweight and portable. They can be easily stowed in any hall closet. The chairs are generally made out of a metal frame and strong fabric. They are not nearly as functional or mobile as a wheelchair. They are designed to easily move down stairs, out of buildings and to safety. Although they are comfortable, the seat itself is somewhat more reclined so people are at a safe and comfortable angle when they descend stairs in the evacuation chair.

Staircase Evaculation Chair The evacuation chairs work by gripping the stairs and turning them into a ramp for the chair to safely move down in a smooth and controlled manor. They usually have multiple break systems for both the person sitting in the chair and the person assisting, so it never feels out of control. They are also commonly made out of flame retardant material which can prevent burns and other close calls when evacuating a building. Most importantly, these chairs are pretty inexpensive which means that any small business that has employees who use wheelchairs can afford these devices