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Under-Sink Kitchen Waste Disposal Systems

Linear EAST can supply the best quality of Under-Sink Kitchen waste Disposal systems and Commercial Food Waste Disposal Systems.  These are considered to be the best and most trouble-free models in the country and have been providing continuous and trouble free service, in some cases, for as long as 15 years.

Under Sink Kitchen Waste Disposal Systems

Our Domestic Food Waste Disposer has a plumb easy mounting system which provides fast, economical and 5 easy steps of installation. The Domestic Food Waste Disposer helps to keep kitchen clean by providing a convenient way of getting rid of messy and smelly waste as it disposes off peelings, kitchen scraps, chicken and fish bones, egg shells etc.

The Food Waste Disposer is equipped with :

  • Solid Cast Hardened Stainless Steel Axial multi grind cutters having permanent life, which are guaranteed for life long service.
  • Energy efficient and most powerful A.C. Induction electric motor
  • Anti vibration sound seal rubber hood makes it 60% quieter
  • Overload protector to avoid damage to the motor

Food Waste Disposer Working :
At the push of a button it devours all the kitchen leftovers and simply grinds it in to a slurry and sends it  down the drain. It removes waste quickly and efficiently. Helps to keep the kitchen clean by providing a convenient way of getting rid of messy and smelly waste as it disposes off peelings, kitchen scraps, chicken & fish bones, egg shells, cooked food leftovers which can't be composted.  Helps a septic system's breakdown process due to reduction of sludge mass in septic tank. Eliminates most waste right in the sink, where it's virtually liquefied to safely flow into your sewage system or septic tank. Grind peelings and rinds from citrus fruits to freshen up drain smell.

Green Energy :
If desired then you can utilize the food waste [crushed] to generate Biogas & Rich natural Manure.
Standardplus / Domestic model is most suitable for use in Small Domestic Biogas Plants.

Domestic Food Waste Disposer Precautions :
Don‘t put unwanted materials like metal, plastic, rubber, hair, large meat bones, string, fibrous materials as corn husks etc. cloth, paper, ceramic, nut shells, corn cobs, crusts, coconut coir etc. Use strong flow of cold water and keep it running at least 30 seconds after noise of grinding has stopped to flush all food particles through the drain line. Use only cold water Run the disposer each time you put food waste in it. Don‘t turn off motor or water until grinding is completed. Don‘t put your hands into the grinding chamber even if the disposer is turned off. Don‘t pour or use hot grease, chemicals, caustic materials, hot liquids or non-organic materials of any kind in the disposer when it is running.

Domestic Food Waste Disposer for Hygiene :

  • It is a monster underneath the kitchen sink, as it literally rips food waste to shreds and allows it to flow down the drain.
  • Helps in separating waste from recycling more volume and more types of food waste while making 60% less noise than standard disposers
  • Reduces the chance of smells building up in bins and the amount of rubbish from an average home by a quarter.
  • Reduces foul odors and also reduces infect and rodent infestation in the kitchen.

Domestic Food Waste Disposer for Convenience :

  • Reduces meal preparation time, meal clean up time. Lets you spend more time doing things you want to do around the house and less time worrying   about what to do with your messy unwanted food waste.
  • Reduces the number of trips to the bin, reduces the amount of liquid in bin.

We can also supply Food Waste Disposal Systems for Commercial operations such as Large Hotel/Restaurant  Kitchens, Canteens,  Catering Services and even for Bio-Gas Plants.

Please download our Catalog for more details about the various models and Applications