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Waste to Energy Systems

Municipal Waste to Energy

Municipal waste to renewable energy programs present a great way to turn discarded trash into a renewable source of energy, which can provide our homes with electricity and be beneficial for the environment at the same time. When our waste is turned to energy, there is less space required in our landfills, which are already overfilled. Waste to renewable energy programs reduce the demand for harmful fossil fuels, because the energy received from these programs can be used instead.

Linear EAST represents a Swiss company, that is pioneering the process of Gasification for the conversion of Municipal Waste into Methane and Hydrogen Gas. This Gas is then burned to power a steam turbine to generate Electricity.
Waste to energy plants on a commercial scale operate across the world and they range in size from 200 to about 3,000 tons a day.

For every converted ton of municipal waste, we can save a barrel of oil or 250 kilograms of coal. Every year in India. there is almost 200 million tons of garbage is sent to landfills. If all this waste was converted to energy instead, our dependence on oil and coal could be reduced significantly. This is equivalent to thousands of tons of coal and hundreds of thousands oil barrels.

These systems would also free up the Land Fills and make them usable land, thus providing area for the development of badly needed Gardens, Parks and other Public Facilities.

Biogas Systems (Sewage/Kitchen Waste to Energy)

  • Generation of Bio-Gas or Methane from bio-wastes such as wastes from kitchens, hotels, canteens, dairies, poultries, food processing units, fisheries, vegetable oil refineries, etc serves three major purposes.
  • Generation of methane which can replace the use of LPG as a cooking gas or even be used to run Generators for producing electricity.
  • The safe and useful disposal of garbage in an environmentally safe manner.
  • The generation of a rich and organic fertilizer as a by-product of the system. This can be used for Landscaping or even sold commercially.
  • Our Bio-Gas plants work on the principle of Tri-Phasic Anaerobic Process and thus give excellent process control and an uninterrupted supply of Bio-Gas. We can supply standard pre-fabricated models for individual bungalows or even design and supply tailor made plants for much higher capacities depending on the volume and the type of bio-waste which is to be processed.