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Water Pumping Systems From EBARA

EBARA Fluid Handling

Founded in 1912, EBARA Corporation is recognized as a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of industrial machinery with a predominant focus on the production of pumps, pumping systems and compressors for a wide range of applications. EBARA Corporation now operates 104 subsidiaries and 15 affiliate companies in 17 countries under three principal business groups: Fluid Machinery and Systems, Environmental Engineering and Precision Machinery.

Through Environmental Engineering, EBARA provides a full range of services from engineering, project design and construction to operation and maintenance for solid waste treatment, water treatment, gasification, incineration and other facilities. The Precision Machinery business produces semiconductor manufacturing equipment and is developing its position in the chemical mechanical polishing systems, dry vacuum pumps and high-precision technologies.

The variety of pump types and sizes produced by the EBARA Fluid Machinery and Systems Group is tremendous, ranging from fractional horsepower recirculation pumps to vertical mixed flow pumps with horsepower’s into the thousands. EBARA’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities are best demonstrated by the Futtsu manufacturing plant. The plant is focused on the production of high pressure, large scale pumps and systems targeting specific applications in oil and gas, nuclear power, water and wastewater infrastructure industries. EBARA’s Fujisawa plant is one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing plants for the mass production of small size pumps; including the D-series of cast iron pumps.

Standard pump products are manufactured in Italy, Brazil, China, Taiwan and other global locations and then locally assembled and tested to specific customer specifications and requirements.

EBARA blends superior engineering expertise with state of the art production techniques to produce pumps of unsurpassed quality and long life. Ebara remains the largest single brand pump company in the world and strives to develop high quality, efficient products and key system components for addressing improvements and solutions in the fields of water supply, energy and environmental issues.

Hydro-pneumatic Systems

Hydropneumatic Systems from EBARA are found to be of the best Quality available in the market. They are reputed to be the best designed Pumps from the Servicing point of view.  There is no compromise made in the material used for an EBARA pump.  They have been designed to work without problems for years and years.

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