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Water Re-Cycling

Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage or Effluent, though it is dirty is still a permanent source of water. If treated properly this water can be used very effectively  for our non-potable water requirement such as toilet flushing, car washing, gardening, constructions, cooling towers, etc.

The design philosophy behind our STP’s has always been to keep the operating cost as low as possible. We also strive to keep the foot print of our systems to a minimum and to provide ease in maintenance by keeping our systems extremely user friendly. Depending on the quality of the input water and the desired application for re-use we make use of the following   technologies to design our systems.

  • Physical  and Chemical Treatment
  • Anaerobic  Treatment
  • Extended  Aeration  mode  activated  sludge  plants
  • Attached growth based systems such as Fluidized Bed Bio-reactors
  • Submerged  Aerated Bio-reactors (SAFF)
  • Sequential Batch Reactors (SBR)
  • MEMBRANE Bio reactors to get ultra pure water quality.

Grey Water Recycling Plants

Grey Water Recycling PlantsGrey water is defined as the water generated from washing activities such as  bathing and laundry. Such water has relatively less  impurities and can be treaded quite easily to make it  suitable for re-use for   toilet  flushing.  If a family of 4 were  to carry out Grey  Water recycling, it is estimated that there would be a saving of almost  90,000 liters over a period of 1 year.
We can provide standard or customized systems for Grey Water Treatment and Re-use.

Packaged Type Waste Water Treatment Systems

Packaged Type Waste Water Treatment SystemsWorld over there is now recognition that decentralized wastewater treatment is a better alternative to a centralized wastewater treatment system from the angle of investment, energy consumption and efficiency. There are many areas within cities, towns and villages that are impossible to cover through centralized wastewater treatment system. It has, therefore, become imperative to evolve decentralized wastewater treatment systems that take care of proper treatment and disposal of wastewater, in line with our innovative past, we now bring to you Sintex Package Type Wastewater Treatment Systems (PWTS) that are compact and can be used in a decentralized manner anywhere for proper treatment of wastewater. To give the best solution we have tied up with world leaders in this area M/s. Aqua Nishihara Corporation, Japan.

Unique Features of Our Systems

  • 100% eco friendly
  • Rust proof, Leak proof
  • Durable, Light weight, Easy to install
  • Excellent performance through massive reduction of BOD

Packaged Type Waste Wate Treatment Systems

Septic Tanks

Septic TanksLinear EAST offers Plastic Septic Tanks manufactured by Sintex.

Plastic septic tanks have distinct advantages over the conventional construction methods :

  • The plastic septic tanks wall thickness as per international standard for a 3000ltrs would be about 8- 10mm against 250 mm wall thickness of a masonary alternative. This means, the space required for the wall is much less hence the underground space required is reduced substantially.
  • The Plastic Tanks have  tight manholes with almost 100 % water seal ability hence chances of the sewage overflowing from the tank are almost negligible.
  • The installation process is reduced drastically and the time saved is considerable thus allowing projects to be completed much faster and more efficiently.

Septic Tanks

Other Water Processing Systems

Other Water Processing SystemsWe can also provide consultancy and design & supply a wide  range of other water processing  systems such as  those given below  for small as well as  large customized  applications.

  • Reserve Osmosis plants : Used for purification of water
  • Water Softening plants : For  softening ground water to make it potable
  • UV Systems :  For  water purification
  • Swimming pool Filtration plants